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Boost your online presence in no time with our professionally pre-designed pages and blocks that includes all necessary features to ensure a swift launch. Design, hosting, maintenance. It's all included!
One template, hundreds of possibilities. 100% design consistency.

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Sub-headings are always very important to describe the product you are offering. I advise you to explain it well so everybody understand.
Your business is growing? Need custom attention? No worries! Your WordPress website is growing with you

A complete functional WordPress website without the headache

Creating a website or a landing page from scratch can be daunting and expensive for many business owners just starting out.

Lack of time, technical complexity, price... many obstacles stand in the way of a successful web project.

We simplify the process by providing pre-designed WordPress sites optimized for both users and search engines from day one with  100% design consistency.

Our complete package eliminates the hassle and high upfront costs, making it easier and more affordable for you to have a professional online presence, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on your business and make it grow.
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Professionnaly designed blocks
All our blocks are responsive and  user-centered and designed for maximum conversion.
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Hosting & maintenance
Forget the hassle of choosing a hosting company. We'll host your site and take care of everything.
Marketing & SEO ready
We focus on user experience, accessibility and performance.
We operate regular performance and security checks to ensre that your websites always stays safe.
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Create stunning website matching your brand and style

The example below have one thing in common: they've been created using our unique flexible template.

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With us, you can get your website built fast and easy. Create your business website and get people talking about you now.

Your website ready in minutes

It is important to use sub-headings to describe your product so everybody understands what you are selling.
Choose a template
We guide you througout the whole process
build your pages
Simply add and organize the pre-made blocks to your page. Simply edit the texts and images.
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Here are the special features

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100% consistent design

Our 100% Consistent Design feature guarantees uniformity across your website, ensuring that colors, font sizes, margins, images, and button styles are perfectly aligned on every page. This meticulous attention to detail not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your site but also provides a smoother, more intuitive user experience. Whether visitors are browsing on a desktop or mobile device, they will encounter a cohesive and visually balanced environment that reflects your brand’s commitment to quality and professionalism.
Color palettes
Spend more time innovating and less time on color matching. You can choose between 20+ color presets that allow you to apply a complete color scheme with a single click, freeing you up to focus on other critical aspects of your design
Contrast checker
Our Automatic Contrast Check feature is designed to safeguard the readability of your text against any background color. This tool analyzes the contrast ratio between your text and its background, ensuring that it always meets accessibility standards and enhances user experience. With this feature, you can design confidently, knowing that your content remains clear and legible, regardless of the color dynamics on your page. It’s ideal for maintaining high readability and user engagement.

Simple by design

We've intentionally set boundaries within our tools to streamline the design process and eliminate overthinking. By limiting options, we help you focus on what truly matters, avoiding the overwhelm that can come from endless choices. This approach ensures a quicker, clearer path to a beautiful, effective website, allowing you to execute your vision with efficiency and ease. Embrace simplicity and watch your creative process—and final product—thrive.
Shared Office Space
A good description of the product, service, or whatever you provide the public should be included in the copy.
Dedicated Manager
A good description of the product, service, or whatever you provide the public should be included in the copy.
Mezigo allows you to build your WordPress website in less time than it takes to say it.
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